Special Offers

Fees are payable in advance on the 24th of each month. Fees can be paid by standing order or cash handed in to the office, we do not accept cheques. Fees are still paid regardless of Bank Holidays, sick days and holidays. Fees are inclusive of all food and drinks.We accept vouchers from all registered voucher providers.

Special Activities
Kiddi-Winks often run additional activities, unless prior notice is given, these are included in your fees.

We offer a 5% discount for siblings.

Government Grants
Children over the age of 3 may benefit from the Nursery Education Grant. It applies to all children from the term after their 3rd Birthday until they begin primary education unless they also attend another nursery. We will administer the grant fully on your behalf. The amount of the grant will depend upon the number of sessions attended each week but can be up to £142.50 per month.

Minimum Booking
We do not enforce a minimum number of sessions per week, however we recommend your child attends at least twice a week to ensure their visits to Kiddi-Winks becomes a regular routine of their week.