Equal Opportunities Policy

We acknowledge that children need to feel valued and be free from discrimination and we recognise that children's attitudes towards others are established in their early years. We work closely with parents and other agencies to organise the environment and plan activities to ensure all children are able to take part in activities at a level appropriate to their needs and they are supported throughout tasks/activities. Family members and staff will work together, when necessary, to share information about cultures, home languages, play activities and children's specific needs. The Nursery is opposed to racist and sexist attitudes and practices.

We believe that all people are of equal worth whatever their race, culture, ability, gender, social class or religion, but we also respect and value their differences. We will promote anti-discriminatory good practice by making children feel valued by ensuring that all children are included by: enabling children to share their experiences with each other and with staff; by displaying a wide range of positive images and objects to reflect non-stereotypical roles, racial, cultural and religious diversity and disability; by providing activities to help children appreciate and value each other's similarities and differences. We intend to ensure that all children have equal access to the whole curriculum.