Kiddiwinks Ethos

Our Vision

We believe children should be active in their own education. At Kiddiwinks, learning is tailored around the unique individual. As a child plants the seed of interest our practitioners become co-learners and together they learn through creative, hands on experiences and play. Our vision is to create a safe, secure environment where childrens opnions are valued and respected, somewhere where they can explore freely, take risks and learn through trial and error whilst growing into creative confident learners.

Our Curriculum Intent

Using a mixture of child/adult led play we will;

1. support children in reaching milestones

2. use childrens current interests to create learning experiences

3. Encourage children to express themselves and use their imagination

4. support independence

5. provide a safe and secure environment

6. encourage children to be active in their own education

7. offer a home from home environment

8. provide physically active play both in/out doors

9. be co-learners in the childrens education

10. create strong relationships with parents/carers

11. ensure our children are school ready

12. promote cultural capital through new and exciting experiences and to be hands on learners

13. provide well embedded routines

14. Tailor activities to meet unique individual abilities