Government Grants

30 hours free childcare


Every 3 and 4 year old is entitled to the universal 15 hours of childcare the term after their 3rd birthday. You may be eligible for an additional 15 hours for your 3 and 4 year old if you meet certain criteria. To check whether you are eligible visit, if you are eligible you will be directed to the digital childcare service to apply. You must apply for your eligibility code before the start of term, any codes received after the start of term will not be valid until the term after.

Tax-Free Childcare


Through the digital childcare service, you will also be able to apply for Tax-Free Childcare. Working parents of children aged under 12 can use Tax-Free Childcare, through the childcare service account, to pay for registered childcare. The Government will top-up the money that parents pay into the account. For every £8 parents pay in, the Government will add an extra £2. More information on this service can be found on