Baby Room: 0–2 Years

All babies in our care will be given love, plenty of cuddles, have all their needs met on demand and will feel safe and secure. We follow a varied form of the "key worker" system. This system encourages the belief that each baby should have a particular member of staff designated to his/her individual care, to enable the child to form attachment and to enable consistent monitoring. Our baby area is limited to sixteen children, we feel that the key workers attending to the needs of these babies allow the development of close bonds between all the babies and all the carers.

The babies are more contented and better adjusted when they are allowed to bond with all the staff. It does, however, allow an individual key worker to have discussions with parents and complete records. Each child in the Baby Room is given a daily diary, in which we will record the child's day. This will include activities, what they have eaten and how long they have slept. Also concerns or comments you might have about your child's care and development are noted. In the Baby Room we follow the current government 'EYFS' framework. This includes: physical activities, tactile stimulation, sensory stimulation, communication, music, free expression with art and craft materials. Regular assessments enables us to detect areas in a child's development. Activities can be planned to promote development in these areas.