Toddlers / Pre-School: 2-5 Years

We believe in learning through play. With most activities, the child chooses for him/herself what he/she wishes to play with. Some children will move through a range of activities quickly, others may spend most of a session playing in one area. Either is acceptable: children are given the opportunity to choose what they wish to reinforce through repetitive play; this is essential as each child will be at a slightly different stage of development. We believe that children learn through practical experience. We aim to provide a rich play environment as play in itself is extremely valuable.

We also include activities such as rides on local public transport, visits to parks, shops, etc. The children will be encouraged to sit still and listen at planned story time and during group activities. They will take part in other group activities such as music. We have a selection of untuned percussion instruments with which the children like to experiment: making different sounds with one instrument and creating sound patterns; playing along with recorded music is also a favourite. We also build in a series of sessions for outside play, dance and physical activities. The children are encouraged to try to undress and dress themselves (when appropriate) and to help each other, as well as understand the physical capabilities of their bodies. Young children enjoy to be challenged and love to succeed and to show off their newly acquired skills.