"The best classroom and the widest cupboard is roofed only by the sky''

Love, Learning and Laughter

At Kiddiwinks children play in a warm and welcoming environment where they are able to make choices about what they play with as toys and resources are easily accessible from clearly labelled receptacles. Toys and resources are suitable for the ages and stages of development of the children attending and offer a wide range of opportunities across the different areas of learning. The outdoor area has been developed to create an area that covers all six areas of learning which benefits all children particularly those who prefer outside play and this area continues to be enhanced to further improve outcomes.

Our children and their families benefit from an established staff team who are keen to extend on their knowledge and do so regularly. Staff use their professionalism and knowledge when interacting with children and extending their learning but also know when to stand back and let children lead their own play. Kiddiwinks Children thrive as a result of the environment that they play in. At Kiddiwinks we believe in continuous assessment in order to improve outcomes for your child. All staff are involved in continuously evaluating their practice, valuing the opinions of parents, Ofsted and advisors from the local authority.