Partnership with Parents

We acknowledge that in order to properly understand your child, it is important that we share information about your child's likes, dislikes, how they respond to different situations, what comforts your child, what frightens your child, how well your child is sleeping and eating etc. When you leave or collect your child, you should sometimes spare the time to chat with a member of staff. Assessment reports will give you the opportunity to add remarks about the care and development of your child, appointments to see your Child's nursery nurse or the manager are always available.

A parent's evening is held once a year which gives you the opportunity to discuss your child's development and provides an insight into the daily activities that take place at Nursery. Please don't feel it is necessary to wait for a formal once a year meeting to air your views or to discuss your child's development. Some parents/carers have joined us on trips out and some come into the Nursery to join an activity. Parents/carers sometimes like to visit Nursery to talk to the children about their jobs. As you can see, the support of parents is very important to us and we would like you to feel that you are welcome to contribute in whatever way you are able.