The children have had lots of fun looking after our chicks. We have watched them hatch and grow, they are getting bigger everyday!!

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Visitor to Nursery!

The children had a special visit from Ellie the dog! They learnt how to look after Ellie, what she needs to keep her healthy and they all had lots of fun chasing her round the......Read more

Vegetable Garden

Its that time of year again where we have planted our vegetables in our vegetable patch. We talked about what they need to grow and the children are now very excited to collect......Read more

12% discount for all NHS staff

We are now offering an amazing 12% discount to all NHS staff. Sensory development, friendly staff and lots of love and attention, sign your baby up for premium childcare subject......Read more


Preschool decided they wanted to be pirates! They made a big pirate ship out of cardboard boxes and went on a treasure hunt using their treasure maps that they made.

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