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Our aim is to provide an enjoyable and educational experience for children from birth to pre-school. Woodley Kiddi-Winks is a great educational hands on experience located on Bankfield Road, next to the Peak Forest Canal and only a few minutes walk away from Tame Valley Woodlands where they can experience and extend their knowledge and explore wildlife and nature right on their doorstep! It is a unique and exciting experience for all, giving children the opportunity to learn as well as enjoy themselves with lots of activities to take part in both inside and outside. We have a wide variety of traditional to modern resources, all of which are child friendly. The children here have lots of fun playing and learning together, guided by our friendly team of dedicated and experienced staff.

Why not come and visit our bright and welcoming nursery to see for yourselves.

We hope to see you soon.

Donna Binns – Director

Donna Binns
painting with Kirsty


We believe children should be active in their own education. At Kiddi-winks, learning is tailored around the unique individual.

As a child plants the seed of interest our practitioners become co-learners and together they learn through creative, hands on experiences and play.

Our vision is to create a safe, secure environment where children’s opnions are valued and respected, somewhere where they can explore freely, take risks and learn through trial and error whilst growing into creative confident learners.


Using a mixture of child/adult led play we will;

  1. Support children in reaching milestones
  2. Use children’s current interests to create learning experiences
  3. Encourage children to express themselves and use their imagination
  4. Support independence
  5. Provide a safe and secure environment
  6. Encourage children to be active in their own education
  7. Offer a home from home environment
  8. Provide physically active play both in/out doors
  9. Be co-learners in the children’s education
  10. Create strong relationships with parents/carers
  11. Ensure our children are school ready
  12. Promote cultural capital through new and exciting experiences
  13. Provide well embedded routines
  14. Tailor activities to meet unique individual abilities
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